This label text is accurate to the best of our knowledge having been critiqued by our own 3rd party compliance agency. However, while this formula is not regulated by the EPA, it is subject to review by individual States. Regulations on label claims vary from State to State and can change frequently. Since you are responsible for any verbiage on your label, we recommend you submit the text to a compliance expert who interacts with the individual State regulators. We can recommend a company to help you with that.

Ant and Roach Dust

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Select from the following Pesticidal claims supported by the efficacy data:


Kills Bed bugs, Fire ants, Fleas (egg, larval and adult stages), German cockroaches, House flies, Pharaoh’s ants and Ticks (nymph & adult stages).

Repels, for up to 11 weeks, Brown dog ticks and Cat fleas when applied at a rate of 5.5 oz to 12.8 oz/500 sq. ft.


Select from the following Marketing Claims:


Kill-and-repel dust formula

Proven to kill ants, bed bugs, fleas, flies, roaches and ticks

No re-entry concerns

Fresh {or other descriptive term, such as “Pleasant”) Scent

Pet Friendly

Contains no Pyrethrins or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

No Known Resistance

Works on Resistant Species


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