This label text is accurate to the best of our knowledge having been critiqued by our own 3rd party compliance agency. However, while this formula is not regulated by the EPA, it is subject to review by individual States. Regulations on label claims vary from State to State and can change frequently. Since you are responsible for any verbiage on your label, we recommend you submit the text to a compliance expert who interacts with the individual State regulators. We can recommend a company to help you with that.

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Herbicidal Claim supported by the efficacy data:

Kills Broadleaf weeds such as horse nettle, cat’s ear, coffee weed, goldenrod, Vicia spp., wild violet, white clover, wood sorrel and mock strawberry.

Also kills Algae, lichen and moss.


Select from the following Marketing Claims:

Kills most perennial broadleaf weeds

For Use on Borders Around Patios, Driveways and Sidewalks; Around Mature Trees, Ornamentals and Flower Beds; Around Buildings; and in Greenhouses and Fencerows

Will not stain brick, concrete or pavement

Weed Killer

Quick, visible results

This Container makes ___ gallons of spray solution {based on 1 gallon of concentrate mixed with 4 gallons of water makes 5 gallons of spray solution}


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